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    First To Markets seeks to provide a platform for investment research focused on the tracking and measurement of financial analysts ratings. Our philosophy is that rating information should be freely available to investors, and through the promotion of intellectual freedom, the investing public will hold financial analysts and industry rating firms to higher standards through the selective acquisition of services and the industry will evolve for the better.

    We firmly believe in the power of the crowd and our site promotes discussion around analysts and their ratings on various stocks. We seek to serve intelligent investors by providing:

    an expansive, searchable database of analyst ratings, updated in real time
    a First To Markets developed grading system for individual analyst ratings and ranking system for analysts
    intuitive visualizations presenting quick insight into performance of analysts, stocks, industries, and sectors
    leading editorial content on analysts and their ratings

    It is our hope that by using First To Markets, investors will be able to quickly identify analysts which will help them meet their investment goals and disregard those that will only likely degrade their investment earnings. The initial concept for First To Markets came from a group of friends, experienced investors with backgrounds in artificial intelligence, data analytics ( analysis ), software development and operations research, and grew into the formation of a robust investing knowledge store.

    We have designed and built this site in a manner to support our own investing needs and believe First To Markets can be useful to other individual investors who seek to invest by knowledge acquired through scientific reasoning and the use of data over emotion or luck. Luck is always welcome though :^) We are providing this knowledge and tools free of charge and appreciate feedback on features, approaches, and services. Please feel free to use the feedback form below to let us know what works and what could be improved.

    Happy Investing

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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